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THU0482 Defining an International Standard Set of Outcomes Measures for Patients with HIP or Knee Osteoarthritis (OA): Consensus of the International Consortium of Health Outcome Measurement (ICHOM) HIP and Knee OA Working Group
  1. L. March1,
  2. P. Conaghan2,
  3. O. Rolfson3,
  4. S. Wissig3,
  5. C. Stowell3,
  6. P. Franklin4
  7. on behalf of ICHOM Hip and Knee OA Working Group
  1. 1Rheumatology, Royal North Shore Hospital, Institute of Bone and Joint Research, University of Sydney, St Leonards, Australia
  2. 2University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom
  3. 3ICHOM
  4. 4University of Massachusetts, Cambridge, United States


Background Unsustainably growing health care expenditures along with uncertain health outcome returns have driven a growing interest in value-based health care. Total joint replacement surgery for hips and knees is already one of the fastest growing operations in developed countries and will continue to increase with the ageing population. Joint replacement registries are starting to measure outcomes to inform decision making yet to date there is no common definition of key outcome measures for routine clinical use.

Objectives To define a set of outcome measures for monitoring, comparing, and improving health care for patients with clinically diagnosed hip or knee OA.

Methods An international working group of patients, arthroplasty register experts, orthopaedic surgeons, primary care physicians, rheumatologists, and physical therapists was assembled to review existing literature and practices. In a series of teleconferences, a modified Delphi process was used to reach consensus.

Results The following table outlines the working group consensus on a minimum standard set of outcomes measures. Adjacent to the standard set, pertinent baseline characteristics and risk factor metrics were defined. Regardless of treatment modality, annual follow-up intervals were recommended. A research agenda has been recommended where evidence for measures was lacking.

Conclusions We have defined a standard set of outcomes measures recommended for monitoring the care of people with clinically diagnosed hip and knee OA. We believe this standard set provides meaningful, comparable, and easy to interpret measures ready to implement in clinic and/or registries globally. The implementation phase will evaluate whether this effort will lead to value-based improvements in hip and knee OA care.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

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