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THU0318 The Reliability and Validity of the Turkish Version of Fibromyalgia Survey Diagnostic Criteria and Symptom Severity Scale
  1. M.N. Yanmaz1,
  2. S. Atar2,
  3. M. Biçer3
  1. 1Internal Medicine and Rheumatology, Istanbul Kemerburgaz University School of Medicine
  2. 2Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Okmeydanı Training Hospital
  3. 3Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Bakırkoy Training Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey


Background The fibromyalgia survey diagnostic criteria and severity scale (FSDC) is a self-reported version of 2010 preliminary diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). It measures pain [the Widespread Pain Index (WPI)/FSDC Section 3], the Symptom Severity (SS)/FSDC Section 1 and 2, and provides a score, polysymptomatic distress (PDS)/FSDC total score (1). The PDS is the sum of the (0–19) WPI and the 6-item (0–12) SS scale ranged between 0–31.

Objectives In our study, we evaluated the reliability and validity of the Turkish version of the FSDC.

Methods The Turkish FSDC was obtained by forward and back translations of English FSDC. We have studied patients who were born in Turkey and the main language is Turkish, or had Turkish ancestors and were diagnosed FMS for the first time using ACR 1990 classification criteria (2). Manual Tender Point Survey was used for tender point examination (3). Patients who had serious internal and psychiatric disorders were excluded. Patients filled Turkish revised fibromyalgia impact questionnaire (rFIQ), Turkish nonvalidated FSDC, marked Visual Analog Scale (VAS) for pain and general status of disease. In 7 to 15 days, they have filled the FSDC for the second time.

Results We had 132 female patients with a mean age 42.78±8.58 years. Their mean tender point count was 16.17±2.04; the mean rFIQ total score was 70.34±19.18; the mean VAS for pain score was 8.03±1.76; the mean VAS for global disease severity score was 8±2.1. The Turkish version of FSDC assessment 1 mean total score (PSD score) was 22.61±4.64; the mean SS score was 9.26±2.07; the mean WPI score was 13.35±3.53. By the test to retest reliability analysis of Turkish FSDC, for the 25 single items, correlation coefficients ranged 0.383 to 0.818 (all p<0.01). There were significant correlations between FSDCs SS scores (r =0.748), WPI scores (r =0.775), and the total (PDS) scores (r =0.821) (all p<0.01). Cronbach alpha was 0.766 for FSDC assessment 1, and 0.77 for FSDC assessment 2. There were significant correlations between Turkish FSDC assessment 1 total (PDS) score and total rFIQ score (r=0.576); with VAS pain (r=0.443) and VAS disease severity (r=0.342) scores (all p<0.01).

Conclusions The Turkish version of FSDC is a reliable and valid instrument in Turkish FMS patients. It is easily completed, simple to score providing valuable instrument to diagnose and follow FMS.


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  3. Sinclair JD, Starz TW, Turk DC. The Manual Tender Point Survey. Booklet. Jointly sponsored with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Center for Continuing Education in the Health Sciences. 2005.

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