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SP0121 Me and My GP – Patient's Perspective
  1. C.R. Ziegler
  1. The Danish Rheumatism Association, Gentofte, Denmark


Background Most patients with rheumatoid arthritis are seen and treated in both primary and secondary care. Rheumatoid arthritis is mainly treated by the rheumatologist. Comorbidities to rheumatoid arthritis as for example osteoporosis and cardiovasculardiseases are in Denmark mainly diagnosed in secondary care, while monitoring, prescription etc. will be taken care of in primary care. Sometimes the patient can find it difficult to act in this field: When is the rheumatologist to be consulted and when the GP? The patient need to make decisions, be the coordinator and find out whom to contact when. It might seem easy, but sometimes patients are uncertain. Furthermore the patient often discover problems related to communication between primary and secondary care. The lack of information and exchange of results make most patients worry and can sometimes make the patient too responsible for their own care.


  • To clarify the problems in a still more specialized health care system, in which patients with complex diseases have to interact – for the rest of their lives

  • To describe the dialogue between the three partners: patient, primary and secondary care

  • To exemplify practical solutions for improved dialogue – for the benefit of everybody involved

Results A small survey was conducted among a network of Danes with rheumatoid arthritis. The patient's suggestions on how to act and how to improve the dialogue will be concluded during the presentation.

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