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SP0117 Doing it Differently? New Approaches to Student Education and Improving Health Outcomes
  1. M.D. Iversen
  1. Physical Therapy, Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences/Medicine, Northeastern University & Harvard Medical School, Boston, United States


Educators aim to transform students' knowledge, behaviors, and skills learned in the classroom to relevant situations in the real world. The rapid increasing of technology in healthcare provides a fertile ground for the implementation and evaluation of technology-based and competency driven curricula in the health professions. The technologies available to faculty are vast. These technologies include: web-based learning platforms, student response technologies, learning object creation tools, lecture capture software, e-portfolios, google glasses and computer-based simulation. This presentation will review the latest in technology-based education, provide practical guidance on the use of these technologies in learning and highlight key research in the field of simulated learning and competency assessment.

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