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SP0002 Eular Congress 2015: Vision from the Chair Elect for HP and Insights into the Programme; Key Points
  1. A. Redmond
  1. Leeds Institute for Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal medicine, University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom


This presentation welcomes HP delegates to the congress and introduces the incoming Chair of the HPs Standing Committee, Tony Redmond. Professor Redmond is a podiatrist by clinical background and will take over the chair from Sue Oliver at the close of Congress.

In standing for Chair Tony has set out three priority areas education, research and advocacy for HP's within EULAR and in this session he will set out his plans for his two-year term of office. The presentation will start by describing plans around the online education course and a project to define competencies in ultrasound imaging and standards of care in HP practice. As a researcher in a large medical research institute Tony will bring a slightly different perspective on HP research and will be leading the charge for the HP community to rise to the challenge of establishing HP research firmly alongside that of medical and scientific colleagues. Finally the presentation will cover plans for HPs which will help ensure that their value is recognized and included in local, national and international policy and service planning. As chair-elect Tony has been closely involved in the planning for the 2015 congress and the session will close with a review of highlights from the 2015 programme and some insights into plans for future congresses.

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