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PARE0014 PDTA in Rheumatic Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases
  1. U.G. Viora1,
  2. R. Giannelli2,
  3. S. Severoni3,
  4. G. Voltan4
  5. on behalf of ANMAR Italia
  1. 1ANMAR Italia, Torino
  2. 2ANMAR Italia, Firenze
  3. 3ANMAR Italia, Rome
  4. 4ANMAR Italia, Mestre, Italy


Background Patient involvement in decision-making about health policies in Italy is still in its start-up: according to HTA their involvement has to be a must, but in practice patients representatives are called only to ratify already taken decisions or documents drafted in final form.

PDTA (Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Care Pathway) is considered by Italian law one of the more innovative government tools for health policies.

In collaboration with Cittadinanzattiva, therefore, ANMAR promoted some workshops to produce - with the participation of all stake-holders and in a reasonable time - a national PDTA to standardize diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with rheumatic diseases in all the italian country.

Objectives To draft a document - shared by scientific societies of all medical specialities involved rheumatic diseases care (first Generalists, Rheumatologists and Physiatrists), pharmacists, representatives of the main associations of stake holders, the Ministry of Health, AGENAS (National Agency for Regional Health Services), AIFA (Italian Drug Agency) and the Departments of Health in some regions - which represents an overcoming of treatment guidelines and setting out the principles on which reform the assistance of rheumatism sufferers in Italy.

Methods Thanks to the collaboration of Cittadinanzattiva - who also worked on the fund raising necessary for the performance of the project - it is on a working group which met in Rome between the end of 2013 and the first half of 2014.

Have been invited and attended the workshops: Cittadinanzattiva and ANMAR (Patients); CROI -Collegiium of Rheumatologists workimg in Hospitals, SIR- Italian Society of Rheumatology, AIFI- Italian Association of Physiotherapists, AIR- Nursing Rheumatology, FIMMG - Italian Federation of General Practitioners, SIMFER- Italian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, SIMG-Italian Society General Medicine (DOCTORS and NURSES); MINISTRY OF HEALTH, AGENAS, ANMDO- National Association of doctors working in hospital directions, FIASO- Italian Federation of Health and Hospital, PIEDMONT, SICILY, TUSCANY Regions, SIHTA- Italian Society of Health Technology Assessment, SIFO Italian Society of Hospital Pharmacy (STAKE HOLDERS).

After each one of the four meetings, each component (medical, patients and institutions) was given to develope the part of the document concerning its competence. Each work was shared on Dropbox and submitted for approval (or change requests) of the other components of the table, becoming the starting point for discussions in the next meeting.

Results In July 2014 has been approved the final document, and it is entrusted to ANMAR - due its representatives' availability and expertise, to draft the summary flow chart, the final version of which is the result of the usual share location.

The document - a 68 pages booklet - was officially presented on 29.11.2014 during the 51th National Congress SIR - 17th National Congress CROI, held in Rimini.

Now ANMAR has to spread it and to make effective its application at the Departments of Health (executive authority on Health) of the 20 Italian regions and at the more than 150 Hospitals in the country, as well as to follow every act concerning it, both nationally and locally.

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