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AB1230-HPR Baseline Characteristics of the Liège Hand Osteoarthritis Cohort (LIHOC)
  1. A. Neuprez,
  2. O. Bruyère,
  3. N. Dardenne,
  4. S. Distèche,
  5. E. Maheu,
  6. N. Burlet,
  7. J.-Y. Reginster
  1. University of Liège, Liège, Belgium


Background Whereas hand osteoarthritis (OA) is a frequent disease, which may lead to considerable pain and physical limitations, limited research has been performed, compared to lower limbs OA.

Objectives To better understand the impact of hand osteoarthritis on quality of life and health resources utilization of interdigital osteoarthritis.

Methods We decided to prospectively follow a cohort of 203 individuals, diagnosed with hand OA during consultations held at a tertiary care facility specialized in bone and cartilage metabolism and called the Liège Hand Osteoarthritis Cohort (LIHOC).

Results As expected, the vast majority of patients (90.1%) were of female gender with 46.8% having a family history of hand OA. The median age of the population was 69.1 years (Q1 61.9-Q3 75.6). Body Mass Index (kg/m2) median was 25.6 (22.9-28.9). Hand OA was associated with other joint involvement in 87.1% of the cases {mainly spine (70.8%) and knee (69.0%)}. On a Visual Analog Scale reflecting pain in hand joints, graded from 0 to 100, the median score was 50.0 (29.0-59.0), with a median number of painful joints at pressure of 5.0 (2.0-10.0). The median number of swollen joints and of joint with bony deformations was respectively 2.0 (1.0-4.0) and 10.0 (6.0-15.0). The total normalized Auscan score (0-300) median value was 129.0 (71.1-182.5) while the median Functional Index for Hand Osteoarthritis (FIHOA) score (0-30) was 5.0 (2.0-11.0). Radiologic assessment of hand OA showed a Verbruggen total score (0-218) median value of 31.6 (20.9-48.2) whereas the Kellgren-Lawrence total score (0-128) median value was 54.0 (40.0-66.0).

Conclusions The LIHOC will be followed for a total duration of 5 years, with the objective to better understand the determinants of clinical and radiologic progression as well as the impact of hand OA on quality of life and health resources utilization.

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