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AB0961 Can Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cause Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?
  1. V. Yılmaz1,
  2. T. Dandinoglu2,
  3. M. Karadeniz3,
  4. Ö. Dandin4,
  5. U. Teomete5
  1. 1Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Mevki Military Hospital, Ankara
  2. 2Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Bursa Military Hospital, Bursa
  3. 3Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Çorlu Military Hospital, Tekirdağ
  4. 4General Surgery, Bursa Military Hospital, Bursa, Turkey
  5. 5Radiology, Miami University Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, United States


Background The most common reasons of CRPS are accepted as soft tissue trauma and fractures. In addition to trauma, primary pathologies of the central nervous system and cerebrovascular diseases, malignancy would also cause CRPS as an exeptional and very rare reason.

Objectives We want to emphasize and highlight an uncommon cause of CRPS and tried to raise awareness about malignancy associated CPRS.

Methods A 68-year-old male patient was presented with 2 months history of pain, sweeling and numbness in the left foot. There was no history and findings of any trauma or other CRPS reasons.

Results Detailed investigations including computerised tomography (CT) scan of the abdomen revealed multiple masses located in right, left and caudate lobes of the liver. Increased activity was detected in left foot by the bone scintigraphy scan with technetium 99m. Other CRPS reasons were exluded.

Conclusions Malignacy associated cases may present before malignancy or as a complication of a neoplasia. Exact pathogenesis is stil unclear and further studies are needed to explore mechanisms behind malignancy associated disease. Spontaneous development of CRPS should alert the physician for the possibility of malignancy. Every patient should be assessed carefully and if needed further evaluated for the exclusion of other underlying conditions. Early diagnosis of CPRS in malignancy may help to decrease morbidity and mortality rates associated with the malignancy.

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