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AB0960 Grip Strength in Joint Hipermobility Sydnrome
  1. P. Yazgan,
  2. T. Duymaz
  1. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Istanbul Science University, Istanbul, Turkey


Background Muscle strength can be defined as the ability of a muscle or muscle group to exert force against a resistance. Manuel gripping strength has been referred to as being a good indicator of total muscle strength but this is an indispensable physiologic variable fort he performance of day to day tasks, maintenance of functional independence and autonomy.

Objectives Joint hypermobility is a common and heritable connective tissue disorder that mainly characterized by joint hypermobility joint instability and fatique laxity of ligaments may affect muscle power. The objective of this study using Jamar hand held dynamometer was to assess muscle strength in young people with bening joint hypermobility syndrome (BJH).

Methods We studied 38 female participants, evaluated in a multidisiplinary outpatient clinic dedicated to BJH. Subjects were selected on the basis of clinically confirmed diagnosis of BJH, diagnosis was established on Beighton criteria. A group composed by 36 healthy female adults was included as control group. Manuel muscle test was used for checking strength of hip flexor muscles, hip abductor muscles and knee extansor muscles. Grip strength was assessed by Jamar hand halded dynamometer.

Results There were no difference gender age and BMI between patients and control groups (Table 1). Mean hand grip values were similar 25.72±7.82 kg right hand, 24.11±9.03 kg left hand in BJH group 32.9±11.5 kg right hand, 31.19±10.9 kg left hand in control group. The mean grip strength of both hands was significant lower in hypermobile group than control group (24.2±6.03, 32.9±11.5 p=0.0001 right hand, 22.6±7.7, 31.03±10.9, p=0.05 left hand). There were no difference global lower extremitymuscle powers in both groups p>0.05.

Table 1.

Clinical and demografic features

Conclusions Ligament laxity can be important muscle weakness in hypermobility.


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