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AB0934 Cervical Infectious Spondylodiscitis: About Three Cases
  1. G. Imane,
  2. G. Imen,
  3. S. Jemmali,
  4. R. Abid,
  5. R. Dhahri,
  6. F. Laajili,
  7. L. Bassem,
  8. B. Riadh,
  9. N. Ben Abdelhafidh,
  10. S. Othmani
  1. Internal Medicine Department, Military Hospital, Tunis, Tunisia


Background Cervical spondylodiscitis diseases are rare. They represent 3 to 15% of spine infections. Moreover, they present some slight epidemiological and clinical differences.It can endanger the patient either locally because of severe destruction, often with concomitant neurological deficits

Objectives To report some cases of cervical spondylodiscitis and presenting its characteristics

Methods We report 3 cases (two women and one man) with a mean age of 44 years.

Results Causative agents were a mycobacterium tuberculosis (MT) in two cases and a staphylococcus in one case. Infection of the upper cervical spine (C1-C2) was noted in one case. Disco vertebral needle biopsy permitted, in one case, to make a bacteriological diagnosis (MT). Spondylodiscitis is associated with paravertebral abscess (one case), epiduritis (2 cases), spinal cord compression (2 cases), vertebral instability (2 cases).

Medical management with A combined broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy was performed associated with orthopedic immobilization of the spine and was successful in all cases.

Conclusions Risk of spine instability and frequency of neurological complications (observed in 20 to 40% of cases) make of cervical spondylodiscitis a serious disease. Urgent and multidisciplinary management is necessary, based on adapted antibiotherapy and orthopedic and surgical immobilization of the cervical spine.Surgery is indicated if a neurological deficit, symptoms of sepsis, epidural abscess formation with consecutive stenosis, instability or severe deformity were present

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