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AB0833 Fuctional Significance of Ultrasound Guided Intervention in Patients with Baker's Cyst
  1. A. Abogamal
  1. Rheumatology, Alazhar Faculty of Medicine, Cairo, Egypt


Background Baker's cyst (BC) is a distension of a bursa between the gastrocnemius and semimembranosus tendons that has an anatomical communication with the knee joint. direct puncture of the cyst for aspiration and corticosteroid administration are widespread practices and gives a signifcant pain relief and functional improvements.

Objectives Objective is to evaluate the value of ultrasound guided intervention versus clinically guided aspiration of Bakers cyst on knee function in patients with knee OA

Methods The study was carried out on 50 patients with the following inclusion criteria: knee osteoarthritis, grade III according to kellgren and Lawrence scale, knee function KOOS scale 50 or less in all scale components and symptomatic Bakers cyst diagnosed clinically and confirmed by ultrasound. Aspiration and corticosteroid triamcinolone 40mg injection of the Bakers cyst done for 25 patients under ultrasound guidance (group I) and in the other 25 patients aspirationand injection done clinically guided (group II). Knee functional status was assessed twice before and after aspiration in both groups using KOOS scale for Pain, other Symptoms, Activities of Daily Living (ADL), Sport and Recreation Function (Sport/Rec) and knee-related Quality of Life (QOL).

Results Comparison of both groups as regards the KOOS scale parameters before aspiration shows no significant difference between both groups. KOOS scale parameters after aspiration was significantly improved in both groups but there was a significantly higher improvements in group one than group two, as t was 8.4 for Pain, 8.3 for Symptom,9.5for ADL, 16.8 for Sport/Rec, and 10.3 for QOL and p<0.01.

Conclusions Baker's cyst aspiration and corticosteroid administration appears to be effective method for relieving pain and functional improvement in patients with knee OA, and ultrasound guidance appears to an effective tool to maximise the benefits of this intervention in comparison to clinical guidance.

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