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AB0730 Pulmonary Involvement in Patient Diagnosed with Morphea
  1. T. Backa (Cico)1,
  2. A. Zoto1,
  3. E. Rapushi1,
  4. E. Ktona1,
  5. Z. Ylli2,
  6. M. Tanka3
  1. 11.Service of Rheumatology
  2. 22.Service of Immunology
  3. 33.Depatment of Radiology, UHC “Mother Theresa” Tirana-Albania, Tirana, Albania


Background Morphea is a form of localized scleroderma characterized from the presence of sclerotic plates localized in the skin. It may be in the form of plaque morphea or generalized. Usually morphea does not associate with systemic involvement, however anti-nuclear antibody (ANA), ds-DNA, etc, are measured in peripherial blood.

Objectives Idenification of pulmonary involvement in morphea.

Methods We studied 18 patients diagnosed with morphea. All patient were tested for auto-antibodies: ANA, ENA, Scl-70, anti RNP, ANCAp/c, anti-Sm, anticentrome antibudies. The patient underwent chest x-ray, pulmonary function test, HRCT of the lung.

Results 12 from 18 patient that we studied resulted with plaque morphea (PM) and the other 6 patients with generalized morphea (GM). We found the presence of ANA the titer ≥1/320 in 8 patient (5 patient with GM and 3 patient with PM). The laboratory results for ds-DNA, ANCAp/c, Scl-70, anti-Sm, anticentromer antibody were negative in all patients. The chest x-ray resulted with interstitial involvement of the lungs of the reticular pattern in 7 patient (5 patient with GM and positive ANA and 2 patient with PM). HRCT in this patients showed the presence of interstitial infiltrate, while pulmonary function test resulted with mild to moderate restrictive syndrome.

Conclusions Pulmonary involvement is found more frequently in the generalized form of morphea. The patient that resulted positive for ANA have a higher risk for developing pulmonary involvement. Anyway the pulmonary involvement in morphea is moderate.

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