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AB0532 Diagnostic Performance of the American-European 2002 Criteria and the Preliminary 2012 American Criteria for Primary SjÖGren Syndrome
  1. M.A. Gauna1,
  2. A. Secco1,
  3. M. Oliver1,
  4. D. Puente1,
  5. S. Scarafia1,
  6. L. Carlevaris1,
  7. G. Bennasar1,
  8. L. Marino1,
  9. S. Papasidero2,
  10. J.C. Barreira3,
  11. L. Encinas4,
  12. F. Caeiro5,
  13. F. Zazzetti3,
  14. S. Velez3,
  15. H. Laborde3,
  16. A. catalan Pellet1,
  17. O. Rillo2
  1. 1Reumatología, Hospital Rivadavia
  2. 2Reumatología, Hospital Tornú
  3. 3Reumatología, Hospital Británico, CABA
  4. 4Hospital Privado de Cόrdoba, Cόrdoba, Argentina
  5. 5Reumatología, Hospital Privado de Cόrdoba, Cόrdoba, Argentina


Background The diversity of classification criteria for Primary Sjögren's Syndrome (pSS) makes it difficult to draw conclusions from clinical studies. The most commonly used are the 2002 American European criteria. Recently, the new 2012 preliminary criteria have been proposed.

Objectives To assess the diagnostic value of both pSS classification criteria, the American-European 2002 and the preliminary 2012.

Methods The medical expert opinion of rheumatologists from different reference centers in Argentina was considered as the Gold Standard. Sensitivity (S), specificity (Sp), positive predictive value (PPV), negative predictive value (NPV), and positive likelihood ratio (LR+) of both criteria was evaluated.

Results 100 patients were diagnosed with pSS according to expert opinion and 83 with another rheumatic disease or Sicca symptoms (AR: 31 LES: 17, Scleroderma: 3, Dermatomyositis: 2, Rhupus: 2, Undifferentiated Arthritis: 2, Psoriatic Arthritis 1, PTI: 1, Sicca: 24). 93.1% were female, with a median current age of 54 years (IQR 45-65).

For the 2002 criteria the overall sensitivity was 0.88 (0.81-0.94), the Sp: 0.89 (0.82 -0.96), the LR+: 8.07 (4.33 - 15.03), PPV 0.90 (0.83- 0.96), NPV 0.87 (0.80-0.94).

For the 2012 criteria the overall results were: for sensitivity 0.92 (0.86-0.98), Sp: 0.96 (0.92- 1), LR+: 23.67 (7.79 - 71.9), PPV: 0.96 (0.91-1), NPV 0.93 (0.87- 0.98).

Conclusions The 2012 preliminary criteria showed better performance than the American European 2002 Criteria. However, considering that most of confidence intervals overlap, these differences might not be relevant.


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Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.4418

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