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SAT0266 Behcet's Disease in Morocco: Report of 1484 Cases
  1. F.-Z. Alaoui,
  2. M. Moudatir,
  3. K. Echchilali,
  4. S. Benamour,
  5. H. El Kabli
  1. Internal Medicine, University Hospital Ibn Rochd, Casablanca, Morocco


Background Behçet's disease is a complex multi-system disorder of unknown aetiology characteristically presenting with recurrent oral ulcers. It is presumed to be a vasculitis and includes involvement of the ocular, cardiovascular, renal, gastrointestinal, pulmonary,vascular, musculoskeletal, and central nervous systems.

Objectives It is a study of 1484 cases of Behcet's disease (BD) diagnosed between 1981 and 2013 in an internal medicine department. Even in countries where BD is frequent, some unusual features were unknown, raising diagnostic problems.

Methods It is a retrospective study of 1484 cases of Behcet's disease (BD). All patients fulfilled the diagnostic criteria of the International Study Group for BD and the Davatchi criteria (2011).

Results Patients aged between 20 and 40 years were mostly affected (73.8%) with male preponderance (70%). All patients had mucocutaneous lesions including oral ulceration (100%), genital ulcers (84%) and positive pathergy test (52%). Eye lesions were frequent (64.5%) and led to blindness in 30% of cases. Joint involvement was seen in 85% of cases with polyarthritis in 104 cases. Deep venous thrombbosis were observed in 17% of cases complicated by pulmonary embolism in 13 cases. Superior vena cava thrombosis was found in 32 cases. Neurological involvement was present in 19% of cases. 3 patients had intracardiac aneurysms with myocardiopathy in one case.

Conclusions In this study, unusual features are observed. Polyarthritis and vena cava thrombosis are not rare. Cardiac involvement can be seen in BD.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.6022

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