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SAT0154 Correlation between Sleep Disturbance, Fatigue and Psychological Features in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  1. I. Cherif,
  2. W. Hamdi,
  3. I. Zouch,
  4. D. Kaffel,
  5. M.M. Kchir
  1. Rheumatology, Kassab Institut, Tunis, Tunisia


Background Sleep disturbance in patients with Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) seems to be multifactorial. In fact inflammatory pain, depression and anxiety could have a negative impact in sleep quality in patients with RA.

Objectives The aim of this study was to evaluate sleep quality and its relationship with psychological features and fatigue in patients with RA.

Methods We conduct a cross sectional prospective study including patients with RA fulfilling the ACR1987 criteria. The MOS sleep Questionnaire was used for the assessment of sleep disturbance. It is a 12-item questionnaire exploring 6 domains of sleep: sleep adequacy, sleep disturbance, sleep quantity, daytime sleepiness, snoring and shortness of breath or headache. It leads to two sleep problem indexes (SP1 and SP2). Beck depression and anxiety scores (BDI, BAI) were used to evaluate psychological features and Chalder scale was used to evaluate the fatigue.

Results Seventy cases of RA patients were included. The mean age was 51,9 years (range 18 to 78) with a female to ratio male about 4. The mean VAS for joint pain was 49 [range 0 to 100]. The mean BDI score was 16,5 [range 2 to 48] and the mean BAI score was 16,2[range 0 to 42]. The mean somatic fatigue score was 6,5 [range 1 to 8] and the mean mental fatigue score was 2.3 [range 0 to 6].

The results of the MOS sleep questionnaire and the correlations of its items with BDI, BAI and Chalder scale was presented in table 1.

Table 1.

Correlations between psychological parameters, fatigue and sleep problems

Conclusions Our study showed that the poor sleep quality in RA is especially associated with depression anxiety and fatigue

Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.4666

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