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SP0149 Growing up A Teenager with Juvenile Arthritis
  1. S. O'shaughnessy
  1. EULAR, Waterford, Ireland


My Background

Childhood Years

A Teenager At Last

The Big Move to Secondary School

Oops! Somethings Not Right!

Referal to Paediatrics/Hospitalisation

Moving on to Adult Rheumatology

The Right Consultant For Me

Building A Relationship with My Rheumatology Team

A Doctor Who Listens!

Every picture tells a story!

Further Investigations

Medical Treatment

The Importance of Empathy/Understanding (GP)

Introduction to Arthritis Ireland

The importance of connecting through Social Media

A Lucky Encounter – Estonia Trip (Youth Exchange)

Meeting poeple just like me!

Forever Friends!

Children Can Get Arthritis Too!

EULAR – Family Ambassadors For World Arthritis Day

School ... The Challenges with Juvenile Arthritis

Teachers Support/Flexability

Getting the balance right!

Pushing trough the pain

Why Me?

Strengthening My Faith – My Personal Journey

Knowing When To Stop!/Balancing life with Arthritis.

Family Support and Care

State Examinations

Finishing School

College Here I come!

My Future Aspirations ...

Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.2508

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