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SP0141 Ask the Patient. Distinguishing Your Symptoms
  1. C. Andrén
  1. Karolinska University Hospital, SRQ, Stockholm, Sweden


PER – the patients own registration In Sweden cooperates patients, at rheumatology clinics, with their doctor with the help of an IT tool called PER.

It is an Internet based tool where patients answer questions about their health before they meet with their doctor.

The patient may choose to register their answers on a computer at the clinic or at home on their own computer, I-pad, I-phone or android.

The information they register goes directly into SRQ – Swedish rheumatology quality register that is nationwide.

The physician can see the patients registration directly and use that and other information in the registry as a basis for decisions during the visit.

The questions which the patient answers is about pain, quality of life, daily functioning, joint swelling and joint tenderness.

Once registration is complete, the patient gets an overview showing the current registration, disease activity, medications, and test results.

At the medical examination, the doctor makes his assessment of joints and disease activity.

Together they go through the results of the registration, medical assessment and continued treatment using the overview.

PER is used on about two thirds of all rheumatology clinics in Sweden.

Studies show that both patients and physicians perceive several benefits of using PER.

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DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.6198

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