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SP0085 Building Successful Alliances with Other Stake Holders in the Field of Chronic Diseases
  1. J. Church
  1. Arthritis Ireland, Dublin, Ireland


Many hands make light work, so the saying goes and when it comes to making a big impact in the area of arthritis patient support, this also is true. Arthritis Ireland is a small charity working within a very big disease area that has mutiple co-morbities and many patients experience other chronic diseases in addition to their arthritis. In order to make a big impact with a new or existing service, often involving small budgets and small staff numbers, collabortaions and partnerships are very important. During the course of this presentation, Arthritis Ireland will demonstarte some of the collaborations that they employed in order to develop and implement impactful services in the community. Some of these collaborations involved partrnering with the pharmaceutical industry whilst others involved partnering with other chronic disease organisations. However all had the objective of utilising expertise, human resources and financial support that ensured the programmes were a greater success than had they simply involved the staff or resources of Arthritis Ireland alone. Th sum of the parts is often greater than the individual elements and can ensure greater success for any organisation but especially for smaller volunteer led organisations or for those with limited staff numbers.

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DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.6177

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