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SP0001 The Value of Health Professionnals in Europe: A Personal View and Vision for the Future
  1. M. Dougados
  1. Cochin Hospital Paris, Rene-Descartes University, Paris, France


A lot of studies have demonstrated or suggested the interest of health professionnals led management/therapeutical programs in the field of rheumatic diseases. However, there is a huge room of improvement in this area with regard to the following items.

The list of health professionnals useful in the management of rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders. In different countries, it is clear that the physiotherapists and the nurses are working closely either alone or in collaboration with general practitioners and rheumatologists when educating, monitoring or treating patients suffering from Rheumatic and Musculoskeleta diseases (RMDs). This list is important to consider when elaborating multidisciplinary team program. For example, should such program include systematically a pharmacist, a psychotherapist? ... Even more importantly is to consider the patient her/himself as part of this team either as an individual with a self-assessment of her/his disease or as a patient partner in charge of educational programs for other patients

Moreover, for each of the member of the team, the question is whether we could refer to a qualified person with a “general” (non-specific) qualification. For example, do the nurses need a specific training permitting them to be considered as “nurse specialist”to allow them to participate at a rheumatological initiative?

Finally, which are the frontiers of such collaboration? For example, a part from rheumatologists and radiologists, what is the role of the other health professionnals in the ultrasonographic evaluation of rheumatism and musculoskeletal disorders.

In conclusion, the value of the health professionals in the management of patients with RMDs is obvious but a standardization and an harmonization at least at the European level and why not under the umbrella of EULAR is required. Such standardization will be the guarantee of the quality of the proposed initiatives which will result in benefit for the patients.

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DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.6262

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