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OP0288-PARE Pain School “Knowledge for Life” Makes Life Easier for People with Chronic Pain
  1. R. Greiff
  1. Reumatikerförbundet Sverige, Stockholm, Sweden


Background The training course Pain School “Knowledge for Life” was developed in collaboration between the Swedish Rheumatism Association, Sahlgrenska University Hospital/physiotherapy and Primary Care Middle-Älvsborg. The Pain School “Knowledge for Life” is a place where primary care and local rheumatic associations makes life easier for people with chronic pain/fibromyalgia. It is a pioneering and unique partnership that benefits everyone involved

Objectives The goal is that the knowledge and experience created, along with physical exercise, will provide people with chronic pain/fibromyalgia with a comprehensive, long-term and continuous treatment and thus more opportunities to live a good life.

After completing a 2-day course, physiotherapist and occupational therapist together with a communicator from local rheumatism association carry out a Pain School consisting of 10 meetings for patients with chronic pain or fibromyalgia.

Methods The training course Pain School “Knowledge for Life” is divided into two parts, a theoretical part and a longer period of voluntary physical exercise. A fully comprehensive training material, based on research, evidence and proven clinical experience, is designed to carry out patient schools at the local city. This is our way to implement current research in health care. Health care workers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, who want to work with patients 'schools locally, need to undergo a two-day training to learn the contents of Pain School “Knowledge for Life” and to get the material that they then use in their local 10 meeting school for patients. Reuma Development Inc./The Swedish Rheumatism Association carry out these courses.

Physiotherapist and occupational therapist acquires knowledge of scientific evidence which is the basis for patient education and physical training for people with chronic pain or fibromyalgia. And knowledge of the behavioral science grounds of support for the target group. They get knowledge of self-efficacy and patient involvement in education. They can independently and together with information officer from a local rheumatism association implement the treatment program Pain School “Knowledge for Life”.

Results In 2012 and 2013 we carried out 12 training courses “Knowledge for Life” where physiotherapists and occupational therapists were trained. In total 314 physiotherapists and occupational therapists have participated in the course. Those who have been trained have carried out 10 meetings with patients with chronic pain or fibromyalgia for about 50 groups (10 patients in each group).

Conclusions The need out there in health care for this training remains high. The participants are happy and positive after the course. The future looks bright, and more patients with chronic pain/fibromyalgia gets help and understanding when knowledge increases.

“Knowledge for Life” becomes for many of the participants with chronic pain/fibromyalgia a turning point in life. Where there was no hope only despair, there is new belief in their own abilities.

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DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.5039

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