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PARE0002 Ways of Resolving the Problems of Russian Patients
  1. N.A. Bulgakova
  1. PARE, Russian Patient's Rheumatologic Association “Nadegda”, Moscow, Russian Federation


Background Russian rheumatologic Association “Nadegda” includes 49 Regional departments. Contacts are executed by E-MAIL and intertown trunk-line. In such situation of uncoordinated connection it is very difficult to create the way of collaboration. Members of regional departments could gather together only in 2008, as frequent meetings are limited by financial difficulties and to far distances between regions.

Objectives In this year on 11 and 12 of October the Conference was organized on World Arthritis Day, where 33 chairmen of regional branches of “Nadegda” participated. For the rest of territorially remote members of regional branches we organized online Internet translation and contacts. The aim of the Conference was that the representatives from different regions of our organization could together designate the circle of problems common for all patients with rheumatic diseases and search the ways of their resolving, and as well to attract the attention of community and State to such problems by mass media

Methods Representatives of all regional branches associated with each other, expressed their opinions and exchanged experience. We also organized the meeting with Association of Rheumatologists of Russia, representatives from the Ministry of Public Health of Russia and State Duma (Council) of Russia. At the result of such meetings the list on the problems of rheumatic patients was composed by the participants of the Conference, members of regional branches who could not personally participate, but sent their lists of problems beforehand. One of more important problem: the lack of rheumatologists, especially in regions and consequently late diagnosis; ensuring of free medicaments to patients according the diagnosis of rheumatic disease, and not only according the invalidity; changing of original drugs by generics and many other important problems. The Minister of Health sent personal greeting to the participants of the Conference dedicated to World Arthritis Day and wished further collaboration. This list with problems of rheumatic patients were sent to the Russian State Duma and Ministry of Public Health of Russia.

Results After finalizing the Conference on World Arthritis Day the President of “Nadegda” met representatives of State and executive power. During these meetings:

  • – at the Ministry of Education there were discussions on training and increasing the graduation of rheumatologists;

  • – the State Duma of Russia suggested adoption of a law on free state treatment of children with Juvenile arthritis basing on diagnosis and not on invalidity.

Conclusions Achieved successes were at the result not only of “Nadegda” activities, but of the joined efforts of Association of Rheumatologists of Russia, Research Institute of Rheumatology and state organizations. For more efficient solving of patients' problems annual meetings of regional representatives for joined solving of emerging problems aimed at health improvement and increasing life standards of patients with rheumatic diseases are required.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.2498

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