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AB1172-HPR The Relationship between Psychological Conditions and Neck Pain Paremeters on Patients with Mechanical Chronic Neck Pain
  1. H.E. Kilinç,
  2. D.I. Ince
  1. School of Physical Theraphy and Rehabilitation, Health Science, Ankara, Turkey


Background Chronic mechanical neck pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal problems. It is known that close relationship between pyschologic conditions of patients and chronic musculokeletal problems (1).

Objectives The aim of study was to determine pyschologic profile of patients with chronic mechanical neck pain and relationship between pyschologic conditions of patients and neck pain parameteres.

Methods 44 Chronic mechanical neck pain patients with 16,95±5,89 (mean ± standart deviation) Neck Disablity Index Points ages between 35,04±10,77 (36 women, 8 men) were included to study. Firstly, demographic informations of patients were recorded. State-Trait Anxiety Inventory was applied to all patients. Pain sensitivity of Upper trapezius and cervical paravertebral muscles were assesed by using Algometer device (Algometer Commender Jtech Medical 801-478). Visual Analog Scale was used for determinig neck pain level.

Results It was determined that %25 of all patients (11 patients) using antidepressant drugs at least 3 months. Stait Anxiety Inventory score of patients were 45,60±9,55 points (moderate anxiety). Stait Anxiety Inventory score and Neck Disability Index scores were positive correlated (r: 0,325; p:0,031). It is also fund Stait Anxiety Inventory score and Upper Trapezius muscle pain sensitivity were positive correlated (r: 0,317; p:0,036).

Conclusions Pyschologic status in patients with mechanical neck pain, affects the level of disability. Therefore, mechanical neck pain treatment, should include a more holistic approach including psychological support.


  1. Lin, R.F., Chang, J.J., Lu, Y.M., Huang, M.H.,Lue, Y.J. (2010) Correlations between quality of life and psychological factors in patients with chronic neck pain. Kaohsiung J Med Sci, 26 (1), 13-20.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.2694

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