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AB0881 Biologic Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drug Use in the Treatment of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Data from the Rheumatic Diseases Portuguese Register, Reuma.Pt
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Background The Portuguese Society of Rheumatology developed the Rheumatic Diseases Portuguese Register ( encompassing also Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis patients followed by rheumatologists and pediatricians.

Objectives 1. To obtain an overview of biological agents use in Portuguese children with JIA. 2. To assess the effectiveness and safety of biological therapy at 6 months and 1 year of treatment.

Methods We retrieved data from, until December 2013. We collected baseline patient and disease characteristics of patients with JIA who started treatment with biological agents. Follow-up data were analyzed and are presented at 6 months and 1 year. Disease activity was assessed using the number of active joints, ESR and CHAQ.

Results 812 patients with JIA,227 received biological therapy.The mean age at disease onset of patients treated with biologic DMARDs was 6.9±4.7years and the mean age for starting biological therapy was 16.1±9.4years. The most common JIA categories were polyarticular RF negative (23.3%), polyarticular RF+(17.5%) and extended oligoarticular (16.0%).The median duration of the first biological agent was 5.76years. Most patients were treated with antiTNF as first line (90.3%):etanercept 69.2%,adalimumab 12.8%,infliximab 8.4%. Mean baseline active joint count was 5.1±5.8, decreasing to 1.2±2.4 and 1.0±3.1 after 6 months and 1 year of therapy. Mean ESR was 33.9±25.3 mm/1sth and 26.9±23.9 and 19.1±180 after 6 months and 1 year. CHAQ decreased from 0.8±0.7 to 0.4±0.5 and 0.4±0.5 at 6 months and 1 year. 14.1% switched once to other biological therapy (3.08% in the first 6 months,4.4% in the first year), 5.73% switched twice (0.88% in the first 6 months,1.76% in the first year) and 2 patients (0.88%) switched 3 times after the first year of treatment. 14 serious adverse events were reported leading to discontinuation of the treatment, 6 in the first 6 months and 8 in the first year of treatment. There were no reported deaths. The one-year treatment retention with biological agents was 91%.

Conclusions JIA patients treated with biologics and registered in showed a good profile of effectiveness and safety at 1 year.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.3142

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