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OP0121-PARE Youtube Videoguides for People with Rheumatic Diseases
  1. J. Grygielska1,
  2. P. Samel-Kowalik1,
  3. J. Komolka2,
  4. F. Raciborski1
  1. 1Department Of Epidemiology And Health Promotion
  2. 2Institute Of Rheumatology, Warsaw, Poland


Background Rheumatic diseases are chronic and progressing conditions to disability. Prevention of disability is the most important task for health system and for people living with those diseases. Adaptation of environment for needs and abilities of rheumatic patients is very important to minimalize impact of the disease on quality of life.

Objectives The aim of the project was to provide people with rheumatic disease and their relatives simple tips and advices for an easier life with the disease. The basic assumption was to use modern communication tools (YouTube) in order to increase the number of recipients.

Methods In order to achieve the objectives the Institute of Rheumatology has created a series of video-guides for people with rheumatic diseases and their relatives. Each film presented only one simple issue. According to the assumptions the message should be simple and short to make it easier to understand and remember. Short message is also useful for maintain the viewer's attention. The average duration of the film is between 100 and 150 seconds.

Results The first series consisted of five films: Kitchen of rheumatic person, Bathroom for rheumatic person, Rheumatic person on shopping, Rheumatic person on stairs and Rheumatic person in the car. There are plans to prepare next series – the first movie will be Rheumatic person in public transport.

Video-Guides were put on YouTube and published in the World Arthritis Day 2013 on the website of Institute of Rheumatology and additional website: under WAD slogan “Living better, ageing well”.

Conclusions Video-guides published on YouTube is an easy and useful tool for health promotion. It is good way to communicate with people with rheumatic disease and help them cope with the problems of everyday lives.

The main difficulty, except technical aspect, it's getting to the interested persons with information about the video-guides. Good collaboration with associations of people with rheumatic diseases is crucial to solve this problem.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.2005

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