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AB0763 Serum Level IL-23, IL-18, IL-17A, IL-17F, IL-12, IL-6 in Psoriatic Arthritis PSA Patients Hospitalized at the Rheumatology Clinic of Medical University in Wroclaw, Poland
  1. R. Sokolik,
  2. L. Korman,
  3. P. Wiland
  1. Department of Rheumatology, Medical University, Wrocł aw, Poland


Background IL-23, IL-12, IL-18, IL-17, IL-6 belong to the family of cytokines involved in systemic inflammation which plays a key role in the pathogenesis of psoriasis (PSO) and psoriatic arthritis (PsA).[1,2]

Objectives The aim of this study was to investigate the association between serum levels of IL-23, IL-12, IL-18, IL-17, IL-6, and disease activity in PsA patients and control group.

Methods The study group consisted of 55 patients with PsA (32 men and 23 women) hospitalized at the Rheumatology Clinic of Medical University in Wroclaw, Poland, between 2012 and 2013. Ten (n=10) healthy persons served as a control group. Study was performed with the permission of the Commission of Bioethics (Medical University, Wroclaw, Poland). The median age of patients was 48 years. PsA was diagnosed by the criteria recommended by CASPAR group. The average duration of PsA and PSO was 7 and 15 years, respectively.

Serum levels of cytokines were assessed with ELISA test. Disease Activity Score was measured (swollen and tender joints, ESR, CRP) in addition to BASDAI, BASFI, VAS, and PASI scores.

Results Mean serum levels of cytokines are depicted in the table below:

We observed elevated levels of IL-23 cytokine (126,5 pg/ml) in PsA patients, which reached statistical significance (P<0.05) if compared to control group (24,9 pg/ml). There were no significant differences between groups in other cytokines. We found a positive correlation between IL-6 serum levels and both OB and CRP.

Conclusions In our study we have successfully demonstrated a significant increase in IL-23 serum levels in PsA patients. In addition we identified a possible link between serum levels of IL-6 and parameters of inflammatory state. These data suggest a potential role of IL-23 and IL-6 in pathogenesis of PsA.


  1. Gottlieb A., Narang K. Ustekinumab in the treatment of psoriatic arthritis: latest findings and clinical potential. Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Disease 2013; 5(5) 277-285

  2. Her M., Kavanaugh A. Treatment of spondyloarthropathy: the potential for agents other than TNF inhibitors. Curr Opin Rheumatol 2013, 25:455-459

Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.5815

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