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AB0707 Hip Joints Involvement in Ankylosyng Spondylitis: Ultrsosnography VS Clinical Examination
  1. M. Podryadnova,
  2. R. Balabanova,
  3. M. Urumova,
  4. A. Bochkova,
  5. M. Severinova,
  6. S. Erdes
  1. Nasonova Research Institute of Rheumatology, Moscow, Russian Federation


Background Hip joints involvement in AS pts detected in 46% in Russia, in 7% it leads to arthroplasty.

Objectives To compare ultrasonography data with clinical manifestation of hip area involvment in AS patients

Methods We studied 160 consecutively hospitalized AS pts. Mean age in our cohort was 35,0±9,1, mean age of disease onset 30,6±11,0. HLA-B27 was detected in 82%pts. Mean BASDAI was 4,5±2,1, ASDAS - 3,3±1,2, BASFI - 4,4±2,6. All patients were examined clinically. In all pts hip joints examined sonographically on Sono Diagnost 360 (Philips) with linear (7,5 MHz) and convex (5,0 MHz) transducers. Synovitis of the hip joint were measured in the space between the femoral neck and the joint capsule, the so-called synovial joint space (SJS).An SJS of more than 7mm was recorded as indicative of synovitis.

Results US synovitis in hip joints was detected in 82 (51%) pts, 70 (85%) of them reported of pain or function decrease in hip joints. 12 (15%) pts have no clinical manifestation of join involvement. There was no difference in mean age between these groups. Mean disease duration was significantly higher in pts with synovitis. From 78 pts with no synovitis, 51 was complained of pain. 42 (82%) of these pts has US evidenced trochanteritis and enthesitis of pelvis area. 27 pts from 160 have no clinical or US symptoms of hip joint involvement.

Conclusions In AS pts pain in the hip joints could be a clinical manifestation not only synovitis, but also enthesis inflammation.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.4007

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