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Advances in targeted therapies XIV
  1. Ferry C Breedveld1,
  2. J R Kalden2,
  3. Josef S Smolen3
  1. 1Rheumatology C4-r, University Hospital Leiden, Leiden, The Netherlands
  2. 2Institute for Clinical Immun. and Rheum., Erlangen, Germany
  3. 3Department of Rheumatology, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
  1. Correspondence to Professor Ferry C Breedveld, Rheumatology C4-r, University Hospital Leiden, Leiden 2300 RC, The Netherlands; f.c.breedveld{at}

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The papers brought together in this supplement of the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases constitute summaries of presentations at the 14th International Symposium on Advances in Targeted Therapies, which was held from 28 March till 1 April 2012. As such, these presentations represent the state-of-the-art on the biology of mechanisms of action and pathophysiology of tumour necrosis factor (TNF), as well as other important mediators of inflammation. Current knowledge on the means and consequences of blocking TNF or other molecules or cellular mechanisms is presented as well.

We are grateful to Drs Crofford, …

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