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AB0634 Brown tumors in hemodialysis: study of 12 tunisian patients
  1. K. Ben Abdelghani1,
  2. S. Barboch2,
  3. F. Jaziri2,
  4. A. Khediri2,
  5. I. Ghorsane2,
  6. A. Hazzallah2,
  7. F. Elyounsi2,
  8. F. Ben Hamida2,
  9. A. Kheder2
  1. 1Internal medicine
  2. 2Charles Nicolle Hospital, Tunis, Tunisia


Background Brown tumors are unusual but serious complications of renal osteodystrophy. This unusual complication of secondary hyperparathyroidism (HPT) is more commonly seen with increased longevity of hemodialysis patients and can be found in any bone

Objectives We retrospectively studied 12 patients presenting with chronic renal failure and brown tumor related to secondary hyperparathyroidism

Methods The purpose of this study is to analyze cli­nical, biologic and radiologic characteristics of brown tumors in our patients

Results Eleven patients were on chronic hemodialysis and 1 case was chronic renal failure. The median duration between renal failure and end stage renal failure was 36 months (range: 12-190 months) and the median duration in dialysis for 11 cases: 92 months (range: 72-252 months). The bone pain was noted in all cases (100%), pathological fracture in one case (8%) and a palpable bone tumor in 10 cases (83%). Elevated serum calcium (> 2.35 mmol/L) was noted in four cases (33%), elevated serum Phosphate (> 1.78 mmol/L) in ten cases (80%), elevated serum alkaline phosphate (> 290 UI/L) in all cases and intact PTH was > 300 pg/mL in all cases with a serum median rate at 1475 pg/mL (range: 682-3687 pg/L). Subtotal parathyroidectomy was performed in all cases with a resultant decrease in size of brown tumors.

Conclusions Phosphate binders and vitamin D are useful preventive measures of secondary HPT and brown tumors. Radiological bone evaluation is need to diagnosis asymptomatic brown tumors. Parathyroidectomy remains the first choice treatment leads often in a decrease of size of brown tumors. Remaining tumor mass may need sometimes local surgical removal after parathyroidectomy.

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