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AB0601 Risk factors for early osteoarthritis progression
  1. N. G. Kashevarova1,
  2. E. M. Zaitseva1,
  3. A. V. Smirnov1,
  4. N. V. Demin1,
  5. L. I. Alekseeva1
  1. 1Institute of Rheumatology RAMS, Moscow, Russian Federation


Background Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common joint pathologies, which is a result of cartilage or subchondral bone damage.

Objectives to determine the risk factors of structural progression of knee OA at an early stage (less than 5 years).

Methods a 5-year prospective study included 110 (women with primary knee OA according to the ACR criteria), 52 of whom had disease duration of 5 years (ages 46 to 78 years). All the patients were evaluated Womac Index, radiographs of the knee joints in the anteroposterior projection (Kellgren-Lawrence) and BMD of the lumbar spine, proximal femur, tibial and femoral subchondral bone (DXA, QDR-450W Hologic). Out of 52 patients, 22 (42,3%) had disease stage 1, 24 (46,2%) - stage 2, 6 (11,5%) - stage 3.

Results After 5 years of observations OA stage increase was determined in 14 cases (group 1), 38 patients remained at the same stage (group 2). Patients in both groups wereof about the same age (years) 62,71±7,87 and 60,32±8,61. Compared to group 2, patients from group 1 had more intense pain in knee joints (mm VAS) 65,14±20,19 vs 52,32±20,12 (p=0,047), a higher BMI (kg/m2) 35,74±5,83 vs 30,64±4,64 (p=0,002), higher BMD (g/cm2) in the lumbar spine 0,96±0,13 vs 0,87±0,12 (p=0,023), proximal femur 0,83±0,96 vs 0,74±0,78 (p=0,001) and in the tibial and femoral subchondral bone 0,8 [0,5-0,9] vs 0,6 [0,4-0,7] (p=0,023).

Conclusions High levels of intensive pain, BMI and BMD of the lumbar spine, proximal femur, tibial and femoral subchondral bone can be considered as risk factors of knee OA early progression.

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