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AB0538 Fatigue in patients with spondylarthritis: a sudy of 70 cases
  1. I. Mahmoud1,
  2. I. Cherif1,
  3. O. saidane1,
  4. R. tekaya1,
  5. H. sahli1,
  6. L. abdelmoula1,
  7. R. Zouari1
  1. 1Service de rhumatologie, hopital charle nicole, Tunis, Tunisia


Background Fatigue is reported to be a common complaint among patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). Previous studies have shown that fatigue is associated with inflammatory pain, stiffness and global wellbeing.

Objectives Assess the symptom of fatigue in patients with AS regard to its prevalence and its relationship with demographic variables, inflammatory pain, disease activity and other variables covering anxiety depression and sleep disturbance in patients with AS.

Methods A self-administered questionnaire, including visual analog scales to assess fatigue and the FACIT-F (functional assessment of chronic illness therapy of fatigue) score were completed by 70 patients with AS felling the criteria of AMOR.

FACIT-F is a questionnaire with13 items; higher scores of FACIT-F indicated more important fatigue.

The demographic and clinical characteristics of patients were also collected : The BASDAI (Bath ankylosing spondylitis disease activity index), the BASFI (Bath ankylosing spondylitis functional index), the BASMI (Bath ankylosing spondylitis metrological index), the BAS G (Bath ankylosing spondylitis Global index), the BASRI (bath ankylosing spondylitis radiology index). Depression and anxiety was evaluated by the HAD (hospital anxiety and depression scale), quality of life was assessed by the SF36 and sleep quality was evaluated by sleep scale from the medical outcomes Study.

Results Seventy patients were included. 65% were men, sex ratio was 1,85. Age ranged from 16 to 74 years with an average of 40,6 years. Mean disease duration was 10,75±9 years. Mean Pain-VAS was 65 mm and mean Tiredness-VAS was 56 mm. Mean BASDAI score was 45%, mean BASFI score was 44,7% and mean BASG- score was 55%. The mean BASMI score was 4,76 and the mean BASRI score was 4,43. Mean HAD score was 15,9.

Mean fatigue-VAS was 56,21 and mean FACIT-F score was 25,67 (8-52)

Fatigue is significantly correlated with the VAS pain (p = 0.028), the BASFI (p=0,004) the BASDAI (p = 0.004), the BASG (p= 0.001), the BASMI (p=0,021) the HAD (p <0.001), the Lesquene index (p=0,002) and the SF36(p=0,023). Otherwise, sleep disturbance influence significantly the VAS fatigue (p=0,02)

Conclusions Our findings suggests that Fatigue is a major symptom in the majority of patients with AS, in particular those with active disease. The physician needs to take into account this parameter in the global care of patients with AS.

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