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AB0512 Anti-tnf-therapy reduces uveitis flares in patients with ankylosing spondylitis
  1. A. Godzenko1,
  2. A. Botchkova2,
  3. O. Rumyantceva2,
  4. S. Erdes2
  1. 1Rheumathology, Russian medical academy of postgraduate education
  2. 2Spondyloarthritis, Scientific Research Institute of Rheumatology RAMS, Moscow, Russian Federation


Background Acute anterior uveitis (AAU) is most common extraskeletal manifestation of ankylosing spondylitis (AS). Course of uveitis not always correlate with spine and joint inflammation. Effect of biologics to uveitis is not studied enough.

Objectives To assess significance of reducing of uveitis flares in AS pts using anti-TNF-therapy as compared with traditional anti-inflammatory therapy.

Methods 48 pts with AS and recurrent uveitis, treated by anti-TNF drugs, were assessed at the Institute of Rheumathology RAMS. 25 used infliximab, 15 adalimumab, 9 etanercept. 7 pts used 2 and more drugs sequentially. Mean duration of TNF-therapy was 3,7 (3,5-5), [1;9] years. Mean duration of therapy from first attack of uveitis to start of anti-TNF therapy was 6,5 (5-9,7) [1;30] years: 18 pts used only NSAD and 30 – NSAD and DMARD, including sulfaslazine (23 pts), metotrexate(4 pts), cyclosporine (4 pts).

Results The mean rate of uveitis attacks during traditional anti-inflammatory therapy was 2,2 per year, during anti-TNF therapy – 0,6 per year, p=0,0007. 19 of 42 pts (45%) had not episodes of uveitis during the course of anti-TNF therapy. For infliximab frequency of uveitis decreased from 1, 9 to 0,4 episodes per year (p=0,002), for adalimumab – from 3,25 to 0,7 (p=0,04), for etanercept – from 1,2 to 0,09 (p=0,001).

Conclusions Anti-TNF therapy significantly reduces number of uveitis attacks in AS pts.

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