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AB0474 Joint manifestations in behcet’s disease : a review of 100 cases
  1. R. Dhahri1,
  2. L. metoui1,
  3. DR I. Gharsallah,
  4. Ajili Fadia,
  5. Najeh bousetta,
  6. Nadia Abdelhafidh,
  7. B. Louzir,
  8. S. Othmeni
  1. 1Internal diseases, Principal Military Hospital of instruction of Tunis, TUNIS, Tunisia


Objectives To gain additional knowledge on the joint manifestations of Behcet’s disease, with special attention to epidemiological and clinical aspects.

Methods Retrospective review of 100 cases collected over a period of 13 years. All the patients met International Study Group for Behcet’s disease criteria. 60 % of patients had rheumatic manifestations. Ophthalmic examination and the pathergy test were performed in all patients, sacroiliac radiographs were taken in 58 patients. HLAB51 and B27 antigens were investigated in 70 patients, antinuclear antibodies were sought in in 57 patients, C3, C4 in 44 patients.

Results Joint manifestations were present in more than half of the patients (60%) and were inaugural in 38% of cases. The knees and ankles were the joints most commonly affected. Monoarthritis and oligoarthritis polyarthritis are denoted respectively in 26%, 19%, 14% of cases. arthralgias occured in 80% of cases. Two patients showed a sacroilite isolated. Furthermore, popliteal cyst was noted in 4 cases, broken in 2 cases. The arthritis is associated with erythema nodosum in 55% of cases and in 70% pseudofolliculitis cases.

The HLA B51 and HLA-B27 were found in 13.8% and 36.9% of cases, these joint manifestations were benign, limiting and never evolved to deformation or destruction.

Conclusions Joint manifestations are common in Behcet’s disease. The unusual forms deserve to be known since they can raise diagnostic problems when they are inaugural. Rheumaticmanifestations of Behcet’s disease are the most frequently associated with erythema nodosum and pseudofolliculitis

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