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SP0031 The EUMUSC.NET Project
  1. L. C. Carmona1,2
  1. 1Health Sciences School, Universidad Camilo José Cela
  2. 2Instituto para la Salud Musculoesquelética, Madrid, Spain


The overall aim of was to improve musculoskeletal health through evidence-based policy recommendations for the implementation of a Community strategy and by highlighting good practice so that it could be replicated across Europe. It is 3 years since work began on the project and in a month after Eular Congress the project will be completed.

Over the 3 years since it began eumusc has produced the first European agreed patient focused Standards of care for RA and OA and tools to ensure their application with equity across Europe. Other important outcomes are advocacy tools to assess and monitor the improvement of health services for people with RA and OA across Europe. In addition, eumusc has agreed on indicators to ensure that health providers are meeting the needs of people with RA and OA and delivering care to the agreed standard, and has studied the barriers and facilitators to achieving these standards to enable the effective and equitable prevention and management of these conditions in the Member States.

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