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SAT0407 Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Prospective Trial Assessing the Effectiveness of Oral Corticoids in the Treatment of Lumbar-Canal Stenosis in Symptomatic Patients
  1. L. C. L. Rodrigues1,
  2. J. NATOUR1


Background Study design: Double blind, randomized, controlled prospective trial

Summary: no studies were found assessing the effectiveness of oral corticoids in the treatment of symptomatic lumbar stenosis.

Objectives Assess the effectiveness of decreasing oral corticoids in the treatment of the narrow lumbar canal syndrome.

Methods 61 patients were electronically randomized. Thirty-one used the oral corticoid in the dosage of 1mg per kilo with the reduction of one third of the dose per week for a 3-week period, and another group with 30 patients used a placebo for the same period. The patients were assessed in four different moments, initially and at 3, 6 and 12 weeks, through the SF 36, Roland Morris, 6-minute walk test, the visual analog scale and a Likert scale. To be included, the patients had to be between 50 and 75 years of age and have neurogenic claudication symptoms associated with a canal area smaller than 100 mm2, detected through MRI exams in at least one of the levels studied.

Results The data found in all instruments used showed very similar outcomes, when comparing those that used the corticoid with those from the placebo group, not presenting statistically significant differences in the different instruments in all moments assessed. As additional data, it was found that obese patients have a worse clinical presentation, which despite not having a statistical correlation, the stenosis in the L4/L5 level was more symptomatic than in other levels.

Conclusions The use of oral corticoids in the dosage of 1mg per kg, used in a decreasing dose, is not effective in the treatment of the narrow lumbar canal syndrome when compared to the placebo

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