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SP0024 Comorbidity in Rheumatic Diseases
  1. J. Askling1
  1. 1Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden


Successful minimization of the consequences of co-morbidities in RA is a multi-step process that requires and understanding of: (i) which these major co-morbidities are, (ii) which their typical manifestations are, (iii) how the risk for each of these conditions may be assessed, (iv) how the presence of these morbidities may be diagnosed, (v) which the main risk factors for the development of these disease are, (vi) which interventions are effective in preventing onset of these diseases, (vii) what interventions may be used to treat these diseases, (viii) which care-provider should ideally be responsible for which part of the surveillance, prevention, and treatment of these conditions. The aim of this presentation will be to discuss items (i) through (viii) for those co-morbidities that occur in RA, either because of the RA itself, its treatment, or for other reasons. Finally, we will discuss how this might be implemented in a busy everyday clinical rheumatology practice.

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