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SP0204 Barriers and Opportunities for Patient Organisations in Economically Disadvantaged European Countries
  1. A. Koutsogianni1
  1. 1The Arthritis Foundation of Greece, IRAKLION/CRETE, Greece


Background Southern European countries have been seriously attacked the last years by an economic crisis which has affected the life of their citizens in many ways. Among others financial crisis has seriously affected many aspects of life including the Health sector and has led to the severe degradation of health care system in these countries. Therefore issues like access to care, early diagnosis, appropriate rehabilitation and social support for people with rheumatic diseases are not considered as granted anymore and the access to these services is an issue for Southern European countries.

Methods Validated surveys measure the effects and implications of crisis on the quality of life of people with RMSDs.

Conclusions The current crisis despite the gloomy prospects maybe a starting point for reviewing practices of the past in health care system and a more equitable distribution of costs to the benefit of citizens. Equal attention should also be paid to the cooperation of all stakeholders inviting people with RMSDs to be involved in the decision making process related to health care services and in the design of a fair and more inclusive health care system.

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