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SP0203 How Patients Can Contribute to and Benefit From HTA Research to Improve Equity in Europe
  1. M. De Wit1
  1. 1Department of Medical Humanities, VU Medical Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands


HTA research (Health Technology Assessment) has many benefits for people with rheumatic diseases. It is important to guarantee the effectiveness, safety and affordability of new medications, devices and recommendations that enter the market. Although the potential benefits of HTA research for patients are obvious, they are not always accomplished. Especially in times of economic crisis and radical health policy reforms, patients are confronted with serious consequences related to the accessibility and affordability of effective treatments. The lack of active involvement of patients and patient organisations in the different phases of HTA research is an important barrier for optimizing the HTA process. Patient organisations can play an important role in the prioritization, initiation and conduct of HTA research as well as in shaping health policies that take the needs and preferences of patients into account. In this presentation the success factors of existing international examples of effective involvement of patient organisation in HTA research will be explored and assessed for their transferability to the area of rheumatology.

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