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SP0179 Ultrasound in Lung Fibrosis
  1. L. Gargani1
  1. 1Institute of Clinical Physiology, National Council of Research, Pisa, Italy


Promising data have recently been obtained by lung ultrasound (LUS), which allows the detection of pulmonary fibrosis by the evaluation of B-lines (previously called ultrasound lung comets). B-lines are the sonographic sign of pulmonary interstitial involvement, including increased thickness of the pulmonary septa. Traditionally, B-lines have been employed in patients with heart failure to detect the location and quantification of extravascular lung water, but many data suggest their use also in assessing interstitial lung disease. Assessment of B-lines by LUS would represent an attractive biomarker for the frequent evaluation of pulmonary involvement in patients with rheumatic disease, since it is non-ionising, inexpensive and easy to perform and interpret.

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