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SP0161 The Khoala Knee And Hip Osteoarthritis Cohort
  1. F. Guillemin1
  1. 1EA 4360 APEMAC, Université de Lorraine, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France


The Knee and Hip OsteoArthritis Long-term Assessment (KHOALA) cohort was set up during a French national multicenter prevalence survey in France. Subjects aged 40 to 75 years, with uni- or bilateral symptomatic hip and/or knee OA (ACR criteria), Kellgren and Lawrence (KL) stage 2 or greater, were recruited from 2007 to 2009, providing a representative sample of cases. Follow-up is ensured annually by mailed questionnaire or clinical visits.

A total of 878 subjects were included, 222 with OA of the hip (mean age 61.2 years), 607 knee (mean age 62.0 years) and 49 both hip and knee (mean age 64.9 years). Major issues are quality of life outcomes assessed with generic (SF36) and specific (OAKHQOL) instruments. A biobank (blood and urine sample) was collected at baseline.

Advantages of prevalent cases will be described, in terms of burden of disease assessment over time. Determinants of prognosis for functional and socio-economic outcomes will be investigated.

This cohort of representative patients with knee and hip OA will be an opportunity for future collaborative research.

Disclosure of Interest F. Guillemin Grant/research support from: Almirall, Expansciences, Genevrier, Genzyme, Grunenthal, Merck, Negma, Pierre Fabre, Pfizer, Sanofi

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