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SP0131 How does Anatomy Help to Learn Ultrasound?
  1. I. Moller1
  1. 1Reumatologia, INSTITUTO POAL, Barcelona, Spain


Gross anatomic study is clearly fundamental in the understanding of the ultrasound image and the term “sonoanatomy” has been applied to this convergence. “Sonoanatomy”also implies a different and dynamic way of exploring the superficial musculoskeletal and neurovascular structures and their relationships. The popularity of “sonoanatomy” courses among musculoskeletal practitioners of ultrasound is evidence of their desire to enhance their level of professional excellence in this area. In the very near future, ultrasound will become, not only an important educational component in the formation of medical practitioners, but will find important applications in the study of human anatomy itself. These programs are already receiving attention in a number of institutions.

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