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SP0112 Macrophages, Meta-Inflammation and Tissue Remodeling
  1. A. Ariel1
  1. 1Department of Biology, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel


Macrophages are highly plastic leukocytes that adopt different molecular and functional phenotypes during the onset, progression, and termination of immune responses. Classic and alternative activation of macrophages were recently implied in metabolic disorders (meta-inflammation) and tissue remodeling. The engulfment of apoptotic leukocytes (efferocytosis) by macrophages during the resolution of inflammation is essential for homeostasis and results in macrophage reprogramming/immune-silencing and phenotype switching. We found that efferocytosis is self-limiting. Hence, it results in efferocytic-satiation that is associated with the generation of pro-resolving CD11blow macrophages and regulated by pro-resolving mediators. Thus, we suggest satiated-efferocytosis is an important decision-making event in macrophage function. Moreover, it is essential for the completion of timely- and spatially-coordinated resolution of acute inflammation with implications to meta-inflammation and tissue remodeling.

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