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SP0099 Ultrasound in Trauma - What the Rheumatologist Needs to Know
  1. S. Bianchi1,2
  1. 1CIM SA
  2. 2CIRG Club Imagerie Rhumatologique Genève, Geneva, Switzerland


Posttraumatic pain of the ankle and foot can result from either acute trauma or disorders related to chronic microtrauma.

The latter are common causes of referral in everyday rheumatologic clinical practice. Rheumatologists must be familiar with the clinical and imaging appearance of these conditions since they can mimic other joint or periarticular disorders and need specific treatment.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound (US) is nowadays considered, together with standard radiographs, the first line imaging techniques in ankle and foot disorders. US is non-invasive, dynamic, cheap and patient-friendly. When performed by an experienced sonologist, using an up-to-date equipment, it allows an accurate assessment of joints, tendons, nerves and bone surfaces.

The aim of this lecture is to provide a pictorial review of the most common disorders of the ankle and foot related to chronic microtrauma. We will present the MSUS technique of examination followed by paradigmatic sonograms and clips of micro traumatic diseases affecting tendons (Tibialis posterior and anterior), synovial bursae (Bursitis), ligaments (Plantar plate tears, Spring ligament), nerves (Morton neuroma), bones (Stress fractures), veins (Plantar vein thrombosis). For each condition we will discuss the role of US in the diagnostic work-up and in guiding therapeutic and/or diagnostic procedures.

US coupled to clinical evaluation and standard radiographs allows detection and careful assessment of most disorders of the ankle and foot related to chronic microtrauma. In selected patient US allows a real-time, accurate guidance of local procedures.

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