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SP0092 Deciding which Journals to Read Regularly: How to Manage One’s Way Through the Medical Information Jungle Without Getting Lost or Eaten Alive
  1. L. C. Carmona1,2
  1. 1Instituto para la Salud Musculoesquelética
  2. 2Health Sciences School, Universidad Camilo José Cela, Madrid, Spain


Libraries have completely changed. Internet works as our Librarian now. Unfortunately, there are no clear rules out there, and yet plenty of noise. Also, reading journals is not what it used to be. Browsing can be done in seconds. Intuitively we must adapt our way of reading to the not-so-new technologies. We will review in this lecture the different knowledge sections that we should aim to have covered with journals. Also, we will propose ways to read on the surface and in detail. The objective is being able to be up-to-date but not overwhelmed.

Disclosure of Interest L. Carmona Consultant for: Rheumatology International

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