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SP0071 Biologics Therapies - Changing the Podiatry Needs of People with Inflammatory Arthritis?
  1. L. Edgson1
  1. 1Podiatry, Dorset Health Care University NHS Foundation Trust, Dorset, United Kingdom


Over recent years treatment of inflammatory joint disease has seen dramatic changes with the introduction of ‘biological drugs’. Despite benefits of clinical and radiological outcomes for this group, several potentially negative consequences for podiatry have been noted locally. This includes the incidence of foot/ankle tendinopathies and an increased incidence of pedal wounds. As Anti-TNF treatments have been found to lead to increased risk of skin and soft tissue infection timely treatment and patient education within podiatry is vital.

This talk will explore the impact of biologics on podiatric practice and both the positive and negative effects they may have for our patients. It will explore the development and experiences of a dedicated podiatric clinic specifically for this patient group, using case examples.

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