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SP0070 The Impact of Foot Issues Experienced by People with Inflammatory Arthritis – A Patient View
  1. R. Schulterobben1
  1. 1Deutsche Rheuma-Liga, Deutsche Rheuma-Liga Bundesverband, Herzlake, Germany


Background For 34 years arthritis has been a part of my life. The onset of my RAled to a rapid change and deterioration of my feet. I have been benefitting from biologicals since 2008and have had many operations on my feet.

Objectives My main objective is to be independent as far as possible even with all these physical restrictions. An individual´s mobility makes a significant contribution to quality of life with RA.

Methods For me, the most important thing is to have good orthopaedic shoes which are individually made by a qualified orthopaedic shoe maker. The shoes must be functional and, at the same time, wearable and fairly stylish. My feet benefit from regular care routines such as bathing, frequent reflex zone massages and a daily application of cream.

Results As a result, I mostly can walk, ride my bicycle, drive my car and enjoy the freedom of movement relatively well.

Conclusions It is also important for me to sometimes do things which are not recommended. From time to time, for example, I go dancing or do a lot of walking and I then have to take extra painkillers. I know that afterwards my feet will be more painful than usual but it reminds me what even my very rheumatic feet can still do.

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