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OP0266-PARE Osteoporosis Prevention Project in Estonia: Bone Density Measurements, Patient Counseling, Information Days, Lectures and Materials
  1. E. Udras1,
  2. T. Karp1
  1. 1Estonian Rheumatism Association, Tallinn, Estonia


Background Osteoporosis is an increasing problem among aging population in Estonia and elsewhere in the world. By assessing the case rate, mortality and financial costs concerning osteoporosis it turns out that these indicators are comparable with the equivalent rates of cardiovascular diseases, asthma, breast cancer and other frequently occurring diseases. In Estonia, 1200 fractures are diagnosed per year caused by osteoporosis, and the treatment costs are approximately 3,2 million euros per year, including work disability, caring and treatment costs. (Osteoporoos. Bela Adojaan et al. Tartu 2001.) Not knowing and ignoring osteoporosis is typical among patients and the whole population, also among medical staff. Therefore Estonian Rheumatsim Association together with four rheumatologists and one orthopaedist from the biggest hospitals of Estonia decided to start an ostoporosis prevention project in March 2012.

Objectives Short-term goals were to gather as many patients with chronical joint diseases as possible into the project (to regularly control the bone conditions and begin the prevention and treatment at the right time). Long-term goal is to reduce the bone fractures caused by osteoporosis. By reducing the bone fractures patients maintain their ability to work, have a longer life without mobility disability and cope better with everyday life that will lead to the direct decrease of the caring and treatment costs.

Methods The doctors at the rheumatology centres, GP-s, and other speciality doctors were informed about the project. Patients were informed through patient trainings and doctors. Information was spread out also via speciality magazines. 6 biggest hospitals started with bone density measurements by DEXA method. Patient data was gathered and processed and a satisfaction questionary was conducted. An osteoporosis counseling line was opened on workdays to all questions. Consultants got also one-day training before the start.

Informational days about oseoporosis prevention and treatment, riskfactors and diagnosing were organized in different counties in Estonia with approximately 200 participants. Lectures were given during one of the biggest projects (…Walking Day 2012“) of Estonian Rheumatism Association and also in some of the biggest hospitals. Also an osteoporosis reference book was released in the end of 2012.

Results Several articles were published about osteoporosis in different speciality magazines. Many people (patients, specialists etc) were informed about osteoporosis prevention, treatment and diagnosis. Patient data was gathered and processed throgh the bone density measurements. Cooperation was developed further between patient organisations, specialists and patients. The wish is to continue with the project at the same level.

References Osteoporoos. Bela Adojaan et al. Tartu 2001.

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