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SP0047 Subjective Well-Being and Growing Older with RMD
  1. A. Antoniou1
  1. 1Psychology, Family Guidance and Support Centre Limassol Cyprus, Limassol, Cyprus


Lecture Subjective well-being and growing older with RMD.

Subjective well being is considered the overall cognitive and affective evaluations of a person’s life. In other words subjective well being refers to the individual’s own assessment of their life satisfaction in relation to how they think and feel about certain phenomena of their life (such as social and occupational functioning). Many studies have argued that the higher the subjective well being, the better the chances are for longevity.

People suffering from chronic illnesses like RMD are thought to have a vulnerable mental health and symptoms of anxiety and depression depending of the course and type of their illness. Nevertheless does RMD itself restricts the lifestyle people want to live? Or is it just the individual’s thoughts and perceptions which restrict that lifestyle? How we think about certain phenomena affects the way we feel and behave.

In this lecture we will go through the definition of subjective well being, how people can increase their subjective well being as they are growing older with RMD, and finally how people with RMD can change their thoughts and beliefs about their rheumatic disabilities which will enable them to accomplish more things in their everyday life.

Finally people are capable to do everything as long as they have the motivation and see things from a different perspective.

Alexis Antoniou


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