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AB0858-PARE “Ageing healthy”-obtain know-how to live and age healthy
  1. S. David1
  1. 1CYPRUS LEAGUE AGAINST RHEUMATISM, Private Practice, Nicosia, Cyprus


Background Upon the completion of a therapeutic work with a client, the person develops new habits and traits, thus distances stress, anxiety, “buts, don’ts, and no’s” from his life and displays “healthier” behaviors in all aspects. If this accomplishment is important for every person, for an RMD patient it’s a must, it’s a necessity. As stressful situations “damage” the person, similarly Rumatoid arthritis, finds space to grow within the person.

Objectives Patients with RMD, need to learn to live and deal with pain, so as to acquire a balanced present life and secure making friend of time. Ageing healthy, prerequisites, living healthy. Having the know-how, to employ health habits from exercising, to good nutrition and to a positive way of thinking, it’s a task that could be “taught and learned.” Through my work, my duty is to teach an RMD patient, how to live within the “Healthy Triangle”. The Rheumatoid patient should be taught to undertake the responsibility of taking care of his body and spirit. Medical advisory, exercise, healthy nutrition habits are on the one end of the triangle, positive way of thinking and sentimental stability stand on the other end, and all point to the top of the pyramid, being healthy along the life span of the person.

Methods The person is guided into taking actions one completing the other within the pyramid of Health. Weekly exercise programs, healthy eating and cooking habits, having low fat and still delicious meals. Any kind of social, pleasant activities, which reduce stress and enhance creativity, as painting, drawing, acting, music. Definitely, the person should join in a therapeutic group or private therapy, so as to balance the distressful feelings over the disease with reality.

Results Living today, having a balanced day-to-day schedule, will result for the person, when entering the “Health Triangle”. Have inner peace, enjoy moments, outings with friends, time alone, grasp the moment. The key is to learn to display such new habits. Employing, a new set of behaviors, will point all days valuable, present and future.

Conclusions Rheumatoid disease demanded some role in the “Theatrical Play” of your life. You are in control, you are the director. Choose to grand the disease a minor role. Appoint her as the stage boy, who has no lines to speak out, but silently does his errants. Likewise, once the disease is set under limits, it will be present silently, while the “Play” will successfully go on, to the end of your days.

References Private practice, Group therapy, Workshops at the Cyprus League against Rheumatism

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