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AB0853-PARE A program on self management for rheumatic patients
  1. I. Pitsillidou1


Background Rheumatic diseases are extremely serious and they affect every aspect of the patient’s life. The rheumatic patients suffer not only from chronic pain but also from psychological stress which often leads to depression. They are unable to perform adequately at their work place. Their social life suffers. Their personal relations may experience various problems. Taking care of themselves is also an issue because the disease creates obstacles even for daily house chores and personal hygiene. To address these issues we have started a program in 2010 called Self Management and offerssupport, information, education and techniques to overcome your disease.

Objectives The main aim of having this program of Self Management is to raise the awareness of rheumatic patients, educate and inform them to share experiences and give them the opportunity through a diversity of techniques to overcome the negative consequences and situations, increase their quality of life and live with dignity.

Methods Our organisation offers this program of Self Management.8 of the 11 main sections are mandatory. This program is composed of 10 newly diagnosed patients. The experts of the 11sections are all volunteers and offer their services for free. All the sessions of the program take place once a week and last 90 minutes with 2 different sections being discussed. All these workshops take place in our Organization’s premises.1 section is the personal experience of the rheumatic patient.2 section concerns the information and services of CYPLAR3 section is the rheumatologist. The rheumatologist has to inform and advice patients about all the rheumatic diseases.4 section is physiotherapy. We make an evaluation and rehabilitation of the patients, pain management, progress and conservation of functionality and self management.5 section is ergotherapy. In ergotherapy patients are taught how to perform their everyday activities with such a disease.6 Self management program. It helps the patient to accept, research his disease and get more treatment options. It provides a support team and a psychologist who teach them how to take care of themselves and exercise.7 section is the Public Assistance service for elderly and disabled which provides allowances to the patients for a better quality of life.8 section is the Department of Social Inclusion and Disabled which provides the necessary aids to the disabled.9 section is Rheumatism and Podiatrists which give advice for soles, support, orthopedic shoes, operations.10 section includes a workshop with a clinical dietitian. This includes a questionnaire and evaluation of the patient, balances body weight, sets out the correct rules for healthy diet, medicines, herbs and exercises.11 section includes pain management through the Pain Clinic provided by the General Hospital. This helps to a holistic approach of pain.

Results The programme has been successful and extremely satisfying. The participants were informed and educated but also learned to fight against all the negative impact that these rheumatics diseases cause and to live a life with quality and dignity. The organization has offered the best possible help to its patients and has gained their appreciation and love. Therefore CYPLAR continues to offer this program annually.

Conclusions it has had positive results for the patients with rheumatic disease in helping them to overcome their condition, becoming more independent in their daily life, and in facing the disease with courage and a positive attitude through the help of others.

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