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PARE0022 The theme year of 2012 - rebranding of swedish rheumatism association
  1. T. Holm1
  1. 1Communication, The Swedish Rheumatism Association, Stockholm, Sweden


Background Every four year The Swedish Rheumatism Association (SRA)arranges a Theme Year, targeted on our members. In 2012 we tried a new approach, starting a rebranding process, targeting our members and also setting goals for new external target groups through new channels. The core of everything was: gain better knowledge and get familiar with rheumatic diseases and management. Something we know everyone concerned is eager to learn more about. For the external part of the Theme Year, we decided to focus on one widely spread, often mentioned in media, diagnosis – osteoarthritis. Many people in Sweden have osteoarthritis, but very few know that The SRA KNOW osteoarthritis. A part of this strategic rebranding process was to focus on channels and contexts outside our usual sphere, but still within the target groups.

For our members we decided to focus on knowledge and what we have in common such as fatigue, pain, need of exercise and coping life with a chronic disease. Aiming to strengthen the individual member and the organization as a whole.

Objectives During the Theme Year we wanted to make it clear that the SRA provide unique and greater knowledge for a better and healthier life with a rheumatic disease.Make targeted groups aware that The Swedish Rheumatism Association KNOW osteoarthritis. Move beyond our usual sphere, to reach our target groups in new contexts.

Methods To become more public was essential, so we went online and broadcasted 15 lectures on the webb. Focusing on common interests such as: mindfulness, training, health and sleep. Local associations met up, people watched from computers at home and other visited the lectures. We launched an ad campaign, with good copy, great photos and a message making the receiver aware that the SRA KNOW osteoarthritis. All ads were placed in new channels such as a big foodsite, in popular monthly magazines for women in their 30ies up to 60ies. We also cooperated with one of the magazines, producing a spread of eight pages, focusing on osteoarthritis. We cooperated with a busy health site, having a professor answering questions about osteoarthritis in our name. We participated on a big (around 100 000 visitors) and media exposed fair in Gothenburg, The Book Fair. We arranged mini-lectures in our booth and handed out our popular Journal Reumatikervärlden. Of course we integrated all communication in our magazine (edition 48 000), on our website, Facebook, Yotube, Twitter and we also created a free monthly e-newsletter.

Results Everything we arranged regarding osteoarthristis created great interest and many visitors. We got a lot of publicity regarding osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a common in Sweden and we will continue focusing on the diagnosis in different ways during 2013. The measuring of the osteoarthritis ad campaign showed good results. Readers found the ads unique, positive and made them want more information. We prolonged the osteoarthritis ad campaign into Spring 2013. Our “know how” to live and have a healthier life with a rheumatic decease is our unique point of sell. A boost in new creative ways will make our brand grow stronger.

Conclusions Knowledge is fundamental for us and will strengthen our brand and our organization. We need to remind ourselves and our target groups of what we know and we need to listen to what our target groups want and need, in this case it was osteoarthritis. New technology, new contexts, in combination with old fashioned methods, give many new opportunities for rebranding.

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